STRETCH CREATIONS children’s gymwear is exclusively distributed by Little Gyms. Beginning in 1996 with 3 local gyms, we have grown to work with over 80 franchises nationwide.

We offer custom sewn shorts, tights, leotards, and unitards (short & long legs) in tank, short, or long sleeves at competitive prices. An extensive inventory of fabrics will always insure a wide variety to entice your clients.

All orders are shipped fob Eugene, OR and will carry 30 day terms on approval of your credit. Our turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. There is no required minimum for an order, but we suggest 2 to 3 garments to amortize the postage cost. We ship Priority Mail so the minimum charge will be $4.30.

Available for new gyms is a suggested opening order using years of experience with new franchises. It has been weighted to maximize sales in your most popular sizes and is a quick way to get up and running.

A feature we offer that has been very popular with our existing customers is our inventory control program. If you send us a monthly or bi-monthly inventory, we will chart your sales vs. inventory and calculate your needs for the next 30-60 days. Using a great variety of patterns, an order will be submitted to you via fax, for your approval or alteration. It will only be placed upon your approval. In this way we have been able to maximize sales with a modest inventory for those gyms that use it.

We will take special orders for your client that wants a particular pattern in a particular size & style. Our experience has shown that the tank half unitard is the work horse of the line, and suggest that new gyms limit themselves to that item and use the special order as the client requests develop. We also suggest that for your profitability, you add a handling and postage charge of $5.00 for special orders.

We pride ourselves in offering you a uniquely personal vendor who focuses on your individual gym. For more information and that personal touch, call KIM MILLIKIN at (206) 683-7573 or email

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